About Us


Dr. Chandra Mohini Khurana

The hanuman temple of greater Chicago was the brainchild of Dr. Chandra Mohini Khurana, a renowned pediatrician and infectious disease specialist in the Chicago area. Dr. Khurana was a great Hanuman devotee who completely surrendered herself in selfless service and devotion to Lord Hanuman. She was inspired by Lord Hanuman to build the world’s first statue of Hanuman with two bodies one soul (Doo Mukhi).

Dr. Khurana has a grand vision to establish a Hanuman temple and community center serving the needs of the Hindu community in the greater Chicago area. She worked tirelessly to see her vision come to fruition. She was a great leader who inspired the younger generation to follow the path of “Bhakti yoga”. Her love and devotion for Lord Hanuman fave her the much-needed strength to embark on the ambitious project.

Dr. Khurana was instrumental in all aspects of the design and construction of the temple pouring her heart and soul into this lifelong project. Despite numerous health challenges, she remained deeply committed to her vision and with the divine grace of her, Lord Hanuman was able to direct the project completion. Her vision came to life in April 2016 when the Hanuman temple and spiritual center was officially opened to the community with a grand inauguration ceremony.

About Lord Hanuman Temple

With the blessings of Hanumanji Maharaj, on December 14, 2013, over 170 dedicated devotees of Hanuman ji assembled to celebrate the Bhumi Sudhi (land sanctification), for the construction of the Lord Hanuman Spiritual and Community Center, now popularly known as Hanuman Mandir of Greater Chicago. Since its inception, everyone has felt the Divine presence of Lord Hanumanji Maharaj in this holy place. Many volunteers and workers have mentioned the windy and positive force experienced during construction as if Pawan Putra Hanumanji is watching. there have been many blessings showered and miracles observed with the grace of Hanumanji Maharaj.

Besides being an engineering and architectural marvel, the temple has many other accomplishments to its credit. It is the first drive-through temple in the world where the devotees can pay their respects to the 23.5 feet tall standing statue of the Lord Hanuman one side of which faces the front entrance. The statue weighs 23 tonnes and was carved out of a single stone of Makrana marble by world-renowned and dedicated artists in Jaipur, Rajasthan who poured their heart and would into their craftmanship. It was a logistical challenge to transport the statue in one piece to Chicago but with the divine grace of the Lord Hanuman, that feat was also accomplished.